Bill Murray 8,000,000 FbPick

Most recent films

Ghostbusters: Frozen EmpireAnt-Man and the Wasp: QuantumaniaGhostbusters: AfterlifeThe French Dispatch

Past earnings

05 Apr 2024US3Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire1,115,000 Fb
05 Apr 2024UK3Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire1,115,000 Fb
29 Mar 2024UK3Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire1,115,000 Fb
29 Mar 2024US2Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire1,300,000 Fb
22 Mar 2024US1Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire1,500,000 Fb
22 Mar 2024UK1Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire1,500,000 Fb
24 Mar 2023US6Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania325,000 Fb
17 Mar 2023US5Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania395,000 Fb
17 Mar 2023UK9Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania160,000 Fb
10 Mar 2023US4Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania472,500 Fb
10 Mar 2023UK5Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania395,000 Fb
03 Mar 2023US2Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania650,000 Fb
03 Mar 2023UK2Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania650,000 Fb
24 Feb 2023US1Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania750,000 Fb
24 Feb 2023UK1Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania750,000 Fb
17 Feb 2023US1Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania750,000 Fb
17 Feb 2023UK1Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania750,000 Fb
28 Jan 2022US8Ghostbusters: Afterlife207,500 Fb
07 Jan 2022UK10Ghostbusters: Afterlife120,000 Fb
07 Jan 2022US8Ghostbusters: Afterlife207,500 Fb
31 Dec 2021UK8Ghostbusters: Afterlife207,500 Fb
31 Dec 2021US8Ghostbusters: Afterlife207,500 Fb
17 Dec 2021UK6Ghostbusters: Afterlife325,000 Fb
17 Dec 2021US6Ghostbusters: Afterlife325,000 Fb
10 Dec 2021UK5Ghostbusters: Afterlife395,000 Fb
10 Dec 2021US3Ghostbusters: Afterlife557,500 Fb
03 Dec 2021UK3Ghostbusters: Afterlife557,500 Fb
03 Dec 2021US2Ghostbusters: Afterlife650,000 Fb
26 Nov 2021UK2Ghostbusters: Afterlife650,000 Fb
26 Nov 2021US2Ghostbusters: Afterlife650,000 Fb
19 Nov 2021UK1Ghostbusters: Afterlife750,000 Fb
19 Nov 2021US1Ghostbusters: Afterlife750,000 Fb
12 Nov 2021UK9The French Dispatch640,000 Fb
12 Nov 2021US7The French Dispatch1,050,000 Fb
05 Nov 2021UK6The French Dispatch1,300,000 Fb
05 Nov 2021US7The French Dispatch1,050,000 Fb
29 Oct 2021UK10The French Dispatch480,000 Fb
29 Oct 2021US9The French Dispatch640,000 Fb
22 Oct 2021UK6The French Dispatch1,300,000 Fb
22 Oct 2021US9The French Dispatch640,000 Fb
16 Oct 2020UK6On the Rocks1,300,000 Fb
09 Oct 2020UK6On the Rocks1,300,000 Fb
08 Nov 2019US9Zombieland: Double Tap64,000 Fb
01 Nov 2019UK8Zombieland: Double Tap83,000 Fb
01 Nov 2019US6Zombieland: Double Tap130,000 Fb
25 Oct 2019UK7Zombieland: Double Tap105,000 Fb
25 Oct 2019US4Zombieland: Double Tap189,000 Fb
18 Oct 2019UK4Zombieland: Double Tap189,000 Fb
18 Oct 2019US3Zombieland: Double Tap223,000 Fb
12 Jul 2019UK9The Dead Don't Die640,000 Fb
20 Apr 2018US10Isle of Dogs48,000 Fb
13 Apr 2018UK8Isle of Dogs83,000 Fb
13 Apr 2018US7Isle of Dogs105,000 Fb
06 Apr 2018US10Isle of Dogs48,000 Fb
06 Apr 2018UK5Isle of Dogs158,000 Fb
30 Mar 2018UK3Isle of Dogs223,000 Fb
05 Aug 2016UK7Ghostbusters105,000 Fb
05 Aug 2016US9Ghostbusters64,000 Fb
29 Jul 2016UK6Ghostbusters130,000 Fb
29 Jul 2016US7Ghostbusters105,000 Fb
22 Jul 2016US5Ghostbusters158,000 Fb
22 Jul 2016UK3Ghostbusters223,000 Fb
15 Jul 2016UK2Ghostbusters260,000 Fb
15 Jul 2016US2Ghostbusters260,000 Fb
01 Jul 2016UK8The Jungle Book415,000 Fb
24 Jun 2016UK9The Jungle Book320,000 Fb
10 Jun 2016UK10The Jungle Book240,000 Fb
10 Jun 2016US10The Jungle Book240,000 Fb
03 Jun 2016US9The Jungle Book320,000 Fb
03 Jun 2016UK8The Jungle Book415,000 Fb
27 May 2016UK5The Jungle Book790,000 Fb
27 May 2016US6The Jungle Book650,000 Fb
20 May 2016US5The Jungle Book790,000 Fb
20 May 2016UK3The Jungle Book1,115,000 Fb
13 May 2016UK3The Jungle Book1,115,000 Fb
13 May 2016US2The Jungle Book1,300,000 Fb
06 May 2016UK2The Jungle Book1,300,000 Fb
06 May 2016US2The Jungle Book1,300,000 Fb
29 Apr 2016UK2The Jungle Book1,300,000 Fb
29 Apr 2016US1The Jungle Book1,500,000 Fb
22 Apr 2016UK1The Jungle Book1,500,000 Fb
22 Apr 2016US1The Jungle Book1,500,000 Fb
15 Apr 2016UK1The Jungle Book1,500,000 Fb
15 Apr 2016US1The Jungle Book1,500,000 Fb
05 Jun 2015US9Aloha320,000 Fb
29 May 2015US6Aloha650,000 Fb
02 Jan 2015UK9Dumb and Dumber To320,000 Fb
26 Dec 2014UK6Dumb and Dumber To650,000 Fb
19 Dec 2014UK4Dumb and Dumber To945,000 Fb
12 Dec 2014US8Dumb and Dumber To415,000 Fb
05 Dec 2014US6Dumb and Dumber To650,000 Fb
05 Dec 2014UK9St. Vincent640,000 Fb
28 Nov 2014US6Dumb and Dumber To650,000 Fb
28 Nov 2014US10St. Vincent480,000 Fb
21 Nov 2014US4Dumb and Dumber To945,000 Fb
21 Nov 2014US7St. Vincent1,050,000 Fb
14 Nov 2014US1Dumb and Dumber To1,500,000 Fb
14 Nov 2014US6St. Vincent1,300,000 Fb
07 Nov 2014US6St. Vincent1,300,000 Fb
31 Oct 2014US7St. Vincent1,050,000 Fb
24 Oct 2014US6St. Vincent1,300,000 Fb
02 May 2014US9The Grand Budapest Hotel320,000 Fb
11 Apr 2014US8The Grand Budapest Hotel415,000 Fb
11 Apr 2014UK9The Grand Budapest Hotel320,000 Fb
04 Apr 2014US6The Grand Budapest Hotel650,000 Fb
04 Apr 2014UK6The Grand Budapest Hotel650,000 Fb
28 Mar 2014US6The Grand Budapest Hotel325,000 Fb
28 Mar 2014UK3The Grand Budapest Hotel557,500 Fb
21 Mar 2014US7The Grand Budapest Hotel262,500 Fb
21 Mar 2014UK1The Grand Budapest Hotel750,000 Fb
14 Mar 2014US8The Grand Budapest Hotel207,500 Fb
14 Mar 2014US10The Monuments Men120,000 Fb
14 Mar 2014UK2The Grand Budapest Hotel650,000 Fb
07 Mar 2014UK3The Grand Budapest Hotel557,500 Fb
07 Mar 2014US6The Monuments Men325,000 Fb
28 Feb 2014US5The Monuments Men395,000 Fb
28 Feb 2014UK7The Monuments Men262,500 Fb
21 Feb 2014UK4The Monuments Men472,500 Fb
21 Feb 2014US5The Monuments Men395,000 Fb
14 Feb 2014UK2The Monuments Men650,000 Fb
14 Feb 2014US4The Monuments Men472,500 Fb
07 Feb 2014US2The Monuments Men650,000 Fb