Yorgos Lanthimos 8,000,000 FbPick

Most recent films

Kinds of KindnessPoor Things

Past earnings

28 Jun 2024UK6Kinds of Kindness1,300,000 Fb
02 Feb 2024UK8Poor Things830,000 Fb
02 Feb 2024US9Poor Things640,000 Fb
26 Jan 2024US6Poor Things1,300,000 Fb
26 Jan 2024UK5Poor Things1,580,000 Fb
19 Jan 2024UK3Poor Things2,230,000 Fb
19 Jan 2024US10Poor Things480,000 Fb
12 Jan 2024UK2Poor Things2,600,000 Fb
05 Jan 2024US10Poor Things480,000 Fb
15 Dec 2023US9Poor Things640,000 Fb