Tina Fey 8,000,000 FbPick

Most recent films

Mean GirlsA Haunting in VeniceFree GuySoul

Past earnings

16 Feb 2024UK7Mean Girls262,500 Fb
09 Feb 2024US10Mean Girls120,000 Fb
09 Feb 2024UK6Mean Girls325,000 Fb
02 Feb 2024UK3Mean Girls557,500 Fb
02 Feb 2024US6Mean Girls325,000 Fb
26 Jan 2024US2Mean Girls650,000 Fb
26 Jan 2024UK1Mean Girls750,000 Fb
19 Jan 2024UK1Mean Girls750,000 Fb
19 Jan 2024US1Mean Girls750,000 Fb
12 Jan 2024US1Mean Girls750,000 Fb
20 Oct 2023US8A Haunting in Venice415,000 Fb
13 Oct 2023US6A Haunting in Venice650,000 Fb
13 Oct 2023UK8A Haunting in Venice415,000 Fb
06 Oct 2023UK5A Haunting in Venice790,000 Fb
06 Oct 2023US6A Haunting in Venice650,000 Fb
29 Sep 2023US6A Haunting in Venice650,000 Fb
29 Sep 2023UK3A Haunting in Venice1,115,000 Fb
22 Sep 2023UK1A Haunting in Venice1,500,000 Fb
22 Sep 2023US3A Haunting in Venice1,115,000 Fb
15 Sep 2023US1A Haunting in Venice1,500,000 Fb
15 Sep 2023UK1A Haunting in Venice1,500,000 Fb
22 Oct 2021US10Free Guy120,000 Fb
15 Oct 2021US8Free Guy207,500 Fb
08 Oct 2021UK6Free Guy325,000 Fb
08 Oct 2021US5Free Guy395,000 Fb
01 Oct 2021UK3Free Guy557,500 Fb
01 Oct 2021US6Free Guy325,000 Fb
24 Sep 2021UK3Free Guy557,500 Fb
24 Sep 2021US3Free Guy557,500 Fb
17 Sep 2021UK2Free Guy650,000 Fb
17 Sep 2021US2Free Guy650,000 Fb
10 Sep 2021UK2Free Guy650,000 Fb
10 Sep 2021US2Free Guy650,000 Fb
03 Sep 2021UK2Free Guy650,000 Fb
03 Sep 2021US3Free Guy557,500 Fb
27 Aug 2021UK1Free Guy750,000 Fb
27 Aug 2021US2Free Guy650,000 Fb
20 Aug 2021UK1Free Guy750,000 Fb
20 Aug 2021US1Free Guy750,000 Fb
13 Aug 2021UK1Free Guy750,000 Fb
13 Aug 2021US1Free Guy750,000 Fb
18 Mar 2016US7Whiskey Tango Foxtrot1,050,000 Fb
11 Mar 2016US5Whiskey Tango Foxtrot1,580,000 Fb
04 Mar 2016US4Whiskey Tango Foxtrot1,890,000 Fb
15 Jan 2016US9Sisters640,000 Fb
08 Jan 2016US5Sisters1,580,000 Fb
01 Jan 2016US4Sisters1,890,000 Fb
25 Dec 2015US4Sisters1,890,000 Fb
25 Dec 2015UK10Sisters480,000 Fb
18 Dec 2015US3Sisters2,230,000 Fb
18 Dec 2015UK2Sisters2,600,000 Fb
24 Apr 2015US9Monkey Kingdom320,000 Fb
17 Apr 2015US8Monkey Kingdom415,000 Fb
03 Oct 2014US7This Is Where I Leave You525,000 Fb
26 Sep 2014US4This Is Where I Leave You945,000 Fb
19 Sep 2014US3This Is Where I Leave You1,115,000 Fb
25 Apr 2014UK10Muppets Most Wanted240,000 Fb
18 Apr 2014UK8Muppets Most Wanted415,000 Fb
11 Apr 2014UK6Muppets Most Wanted650,000 Fb
11 Apr 2014US9Muppets Most Wanted320,000 Fb
04 Apr 2014UK5Muppets Most Wanted790,000 Fb
04 Apr 2014US5Muppets Most Wanted790,000 Fb
28 Mar 2014UK2Muppets Most Wanted650,000 Fb
28 Mar 2014US3Muppets Most Wanted557,500 Fb
21 Mar 2014US2Muppets Most Wanted650,000 Fb
10 Jan 2014UK9Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues160,000 Fb
10 Jan 2014US10Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues120,000 Fb
03 Jan 2014US6Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues325,000 Fb
03 Jan 2014UK6Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues325,000 Fb
27 Dec 2013UK3Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues557,500 Fb
27 Dec 2013US3Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues557,500 Fb
20 Dec 2013US2Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues650,000 Fb
20 Dec 2013UK2Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues650,000 Fb