Taika Waititi 9,000,000 FbPick

Most recent films

Next Goal WinsThor: Love and ThunderLightyearThe Electrical Life of Louis Wain

Past earnings

29 Dec 2023UK7Next Goal Wins1,050,000 Fb
24 Nov 2023US10Next Goal Wins480,000 Fb
17 Nov 2023US10Next Goal Wins480,000 Fb
02 Sep 2022US8Thor: Love and Thunder830,000 Fb
26 Aug 2022US9Thor: Love and Thunder640,000 Fb
26 Aug 2022UK8Thor: Love and Thunder830,000 Fb
19 Aug 2022UK9Thor: Love and Thunder640,000 Fb
19 Aug 2022US6Thor: Love and Thunder1,300,000 Fb
12 Aug 2022US4Thor: Love and Thunder1,890,000 Fb
12 Aug 2022UK5Thor: Love and Thunder1,580,000 Fb
05 Aug 2022UK4Thor: Love and Thunder1,890,000 Fb
05 Aug 2022US4Thor: Love and Thunder1,890,000 Fb
29 Jul 2022US3Thor: Love and Thunder2,230,000 Fb
29 Jul 2022UK3Thor: Love and Thunder2,230,000 Fb
22 Jul 2022UK2Thor: Love and Thunder2,600,000 Fb
22 Jul 2022UK9Lightyear160,000 Fb
22 Jul 2022US2Thor: Love and Thunder2,600,000 Fb
15 Jul 2022US1Thor: Love and Thunder3,000,000 Fb
15 Jul 2022UK1Thor: Love and Thunder3,000,000 Fb
15 Jul 2022US10Lightyear120,000 Fb
15 Jul 2022UK7Lightyear262,500 Fb
08 Jul 2022UK1Thor: Love and Thunder3,000,000 Fb
08 Jul 2022US7Lightyear262,500 Fb
08 Jul 2022UK6Lightyear325,000 Fb
08 Jul 2022US1Thor: Love and Thunder3,000,000 Fb
01 Jul 2022US6Lightyear325,000 Fb
01 Jul 2022UK5Lightyear395,000 Fb
24 Jun 2022US5Lightyear395,000 Fb
24 Jun 2022UK4Lightyear472,500 Fb
17 Jun 2022US2Lightyear650,000 Fb
17 Jun 2022UK3Lightyear557,500 Fb
22 Oct 2021US10Free Guy240,000 Fb
15 Oct 2021US8Free Guy415,000 Fb
08 Oct 2021UK6Free Guy650,000 Fb
08 Oct 2021US5Free Guy790,000 Fb
01 Oct 2021US6Free Guy650,000 Fb
01 Oct 2021UK3Free Guy1,115,000 Fb
24 Sep 2021UK3Free Guy1,115,000 Fb
24 Sep 2021US3Free Guy1,115,000 Fb
17 Sep 2021US2Free Guy1,300,000 Fb
17 Sep 2021UK2Free Guy1,300,000 Fb
10 Sep 2021UK2Free Guy1,300,000 Fb
10 Sep 2021US2Free Guy1,300,000 Fb
03 Sep 2021UK6The Suicide Squad325,000 Fb
03 Sep 2021US8The Suicide Squad207,500 Fb
03 Sep 2021US3Free Guy1,115,000 Fb
03 Sep 2021UK2Free Guy1,300,000 Fb
27 Aug 2021US2Free Guy1,300,000 Fb
27 Aug 2021UK1Free Guy1,500,000 Fb
27 Aug 2021UK6The Suicide Squad325,000 Fb
27 Aug 2021US7The Suicide Squad262,500 Fb
20 Aug 2021UK4The Suicide Squad472,500 Fb
20 Aug 2021US6The Suicide Squad325,000 Fb
20 Aug 2021US1Free Guy1,500,000 Fb
20 Aug 2021UK1Free Guy1,500,000 Fb
13 Aug 2021US1Free Guy1,500,000 Fb
13 Aug 2021UK1Free Guy1,500,000 Fb
13 Aug 2021UK3The Suicide Squad557,500 Fb
13 Aug 2021US5The Suicide Squad395,000 Fb
06 Aug 2021UK1The Suicide Squad750,000 Fb
06 Aug 2021US1The Suicide Squad750,000 Fb
30 Jul 2021UK1The Suicide Squad750,000 Fb
24 Jan 2020UK9Jojo Rabbit640,000 Fb
17 Jan 2020UK8Jojo Rabbit830,000 Fb
10 Jan 2020UK6Jojo Rabbit1,300,000 Fb
03 Jan 2020UK5Jojo Rabbit1,580,000 Fb
05 Jul 2019US9Avengers: Endgame64,000 Fb
28 Jun 2019UK6Avengers: Endgame130,000 Fb
28 Jun 2019US7Avengers: Endgame105,000 Fb
14 Jun 2019US10Avengers: Endgame48,000 Fb
07 Jun 2019US8Avengers: Endgame83,000 Fb
31 May 2019UK8Avengers: Endgame83,000 Fb
31 May 2019US6Avengers: Endgame130,000 Fb
24 May 2019US3Avengers: Endgame223,000 Fb
24 May 2019UK6Avengers: Endgame130,000 Fb
17 May 2019UK3Avengers: Endgame223,000 Fb
17 May 2019US2Avengers: Endgame260,000 Fb
10 May 2019US1Avengers: Endgame300,000 Fb
10 May 2019UK2Avengers: Endgame260,000 Fb
03 May 2019UK1Avengers: Endgame300,000 Fb
03 May 2019US1Avengers: Endgame300,000 Fb
26 Apr 2019US1Avengers: Endgame300,000 Fb
26 Apr 2019UK1Avengers: Endgame300,000 Fb
15 Dec 2017US7Thor: Ragnarok1,050,000 Fb
15 Dec 2017UK10Thor: Ragnarok480,000 Fb
08 Dec 2017UK7Thor: Ragnarok1,050,000 Fb
08 Dec 2017US5Thor: Ragnarok1,580,000 Fb
01 Dec 2017US5Thor: Ragnarok1,580,000 Fb
01 Dec 2017UK6Thor: Ragnarok1,300,000 Fb
24 Nov 2017US4Thor: Ragnarok1,890,000 Fb
24 Nov 2017UK6Thor: Ragnarok1,300,000 Fb
17 Nov 2017UK4Thor: Ragnarok1,890,000 Fb
17 Nov 2017US3Thor: Ragnarok2,230,000 Fb
10 Nov 2017US1Thor: Ragnarok3,000,000 Fb
10 Nov 2017UK3Thor: Ragnarok2,230,000 Fb
03 Nov 2017UK2Thor: Ragnarok2,600,000 Fb
03 Nov 2017US1Thor: Ragnarok3,000,000 Fb
27 Oct 2017UK1Thor: Ragnarok3,000,000 Fb