Ray Romano 1,000,000 FbPick

Most recent films

Fly Me to the MoonSomewhere in QueensThe Big SickIce Age: Collision Course

Past earnings

28 Jul 2017UK10The Big Sick240,000 Fb
21 Jul 2017US8The Big Sick415,000 Fb
14 Jul 2017US5The Big Sick790,000 Fb
07 Jul 2017US8The Big Sick415,000 Fb
05 Aug 2016US10Ice Age: Collision Course240,000 Fb
05 Aug 2016UK8Ice Age: Collision Course415,000 Fb
29 Jul 2016US5Ice Age: Collision Course790,000 Fb
29 Jul 2016UK7Ice Age: Collision Course525,000 Fb
22 Jul 2016US4Ice Age: Collision Course945,000 Fb
22 Jul 2016UK7Ice Age: Collision Course525,000 Fb
15 Jul 2016UK1Ice Age: Collision Course1,500,000 Fb