Olivia Wilde 8,000,000 FbPick

Most recent films

BabylonDon't Worry DarlingDC League of Super-PetsHow It Ends

Past earnings

03 Feb 2023UK10Babylon240,000 Fb
27 Jan 2023UK6Babylon650,000 Fb
20 Jan 2023UK3Babylon1,115,000 Fb
06 Jan 2023US8Babylon415,000 Fb
30 Dec 2022US5Babylon790,000 Fb
23 Dec 2022US5Babylon790,000 Fb
21 Oct 2022UK9Don't Worry Darling640,000 Fb
21 Oct 2022US8Don't Worry Darling830,000 Fb
14 Oct 2022US6Don't Worry Darling1,300,000 Fb
14 Oct 2022UK5Don't Worry Darling1,580,000 Fb
07 Oct 2022UK3Don't Worry Darling2,230,000 Fb
07 Oct 2022US5Don't Worry Darling1,580,000 Fb
30 Sep 2022US2Don't Worry Darling2,600,000 Fb
30 Sep 2022UK9DC League of Super-Pets160,000 Fb
30 Sep 2022UK2Don't Worry Darling2,600,000 Fb
30 Sep 2022US10DC League of Super-Pets120,000 Fb
23 Sep 2022UK7DC League of Super-Pets262,500 Fb
23 Sep 2022UK2Don't Worry Darling2,600,000 Fb
23 Sep 2022US9DC League of Super-Pets160,000 Fb
23 Sep 2022US1Don't Worry Darling3,000,000 Fb
16 Sep 2022UK5DC League of Super-Pets395,000 Fb
16 Sep 2022US7DC League of Super-Pets262,500 Fb
09 Sep 2022UK6DC League of Super-Pets325,000 Fb
09 Sep 2022US7DC League of Super-Pets262,500 Fb
02 Sep 2022UK2DC League of Super-Pets650,000 Fb
02 Sep 2022US3DC League of Super-Pets557,500 Fb
26 Aug 2022UK2DC League of Super-Pets650,000 Fb
26 Aug 2022US6DC League of Super-Pets325,000 Fb
19 Aug 2022UK3DC League of Super-Pets557,500 Fb
19 Aug 2022US5DC League of Super-Pets395,000 Fb
12 Aug 2022UK3DC League of Super-Pets557,500 Fb
12 Aug 2022US3DC League of Super-Pets557,500 Fb
05 Aug 2022UK2DC League of Super-Pets650,000 Fb
05 Aug 2022US2DC League of Super-Pets650,000 Fb
29 Jul 2022UK1DC League of Super-Pets750,000 Fb
29 Jul 2022US1DC League of Super-Pets750,000 Fb
27 Dec 2019US10Richard Jewell480,000 Fb
20 Dec 2019US7Richard Jewell1,050,000 Fb
13 Dec 2019US4Richard Jewell1,890,000 Fb
07 Jun 2019US10Booksmart480,000 Fb
31 May 2019US8Booksmart830,000 Fb
24 May 2019US6Booksmart1,300,000 Fb
18 Dec 2015UK8Love the Coopers415,000 Fb
11 Dec 2015UK5Love the Coopers790,000 Fb
04 Dec 2015UK5Love the Coopers790,000 Fb
20 Nov 2015US6Love the Coopers650,000 Fb
13 Nov 2015US3Love the Coopers1,115,000 Fb
06 Mar 2015US8The Lazarus Effect830,000 Fb
27 Feb 2015US5The Lazarus Effect1,580,000 Fb
17 Jan 2014US10Her120,000 Fb