Neil Jackson 1,000,000 FbPick

Most recent films

The King's ManWelcome to MarwenNocturnal Animals

Past earnings

11 Feb 2022US10The King's Man120,000 Fb
04 Feb 2022US6The King's Man325,000 Fb
28 Jan 2022US5The King's Man395,000 Fb
28 Jan 2022UK7The King's Man262,500 Fb
21 Jan 2022UK6The King's Man325,000 Fb
21 Jan 2022US5The King's Man395,000 Fb
14 Jan 2022US5The King's Man395,000 Fb
14 Jan 2022UK3The King's Man557,500 Fb
07 Jan 2022UK2The King's Man650,000 Fb
07 Jan 2022US4The King's Man472,500 Fb
31 Dec 2021UK2The King's Man650,000 Fb
31 Dec 2021US3The King's Man557,500 Fb
24 Dec 2021UK3The King's Man557,500 Fb
24 Dec 2021US4The King's Man472,500 Fb
17 Dec 2021US9The King's Man160,000 Fb
21 Dec 2018US9Welcome to Marwen320,000 Fb
16 Dec 2016UK10Nocturnal Animals240,000 Fb
16 Dec 2016US10Nocturnal Animals240,000 Fb
09 Dec 2016US8Nocturnal Animals415,000 Fb
18 Nov 2016UK7Nocturnal Animals525,000 Fb
11 Nov 2016UK6Nocturnal Animals650,000 Fb
04 Nov 2016UK6Nocturnal Animals650,000 Fb