Lily James 4,000,000 FbPick

Most recent films

Greedy PeopleThe Iron ClawWhat's Love Got to Do With It?Rare Beasts

Past earnings

23 Feb 2024UK9The Iron Claw160,000 Fb
16 Feb 2024UK6The Iron Claw325,000 Fb
09 Feb 2024UK3The Iron Claw557,500 Fb
12 Jan 2024US9The Iron Claw160,000 Fb
05 Jan 2024US7The Iron Claw262,500 Fb
29 Dec 2023US7The Iron Claw262,500 Fb
22 Dec 2023US7The Iron Claw262,500 Fb
17 Mar 2023UK8What's Love Got to Do With It?830,000 Fb
10 Mar 2023UK7What's Love Got to Do With It?1,050,000 Fb
03 Mar 2023UK5What's Love Got to Do With It?1,580,000 Fb
24 Feb 2023UK4What's Love Got to Do With It?1,890,000 Fb
09 Aug 2019UK8Yesterday415,000 Fb
02 Aug 2019UK6Yesterday650,000 Fb
02 Aug 2019US6Yesterday650,000 Fb
26 Jul 2019US6Yesterday650,000 Fb
26 Jul 2019UK6Yesterday650,000 Fb
19 Jul 2019UK6Yesterday650,000 Fb
19 Jul 2019US5Yesterday790,000 Fb
12 Jul 2019US5Yesterday790,000 Fb
12 Jul 2019UK4Yesterday945,000 Fb
05 Jul 2019UK3Yesterday1,115,000 Fb
05 Jul 2019US3Yesterday1,115,000 Fb
28 Jun 2019UK2Yesterday1,300,000 Fb
28 Jun 2019US3Yesterday1,115,000 Fb