James McAvoy 10,000,000 FbPick

Most recent films

The Book of ClarenceTogetherIt: Chapter TwoDark Phoenix

Past earnings

12 Jan 2024US10The Book of Clarence120,000 Fb
18 Oct 2019US10It: Chapter Two480,000 Fb
11 Oct 2019US8It: Chapter Two830,000 Fb
04 Oct 2019US5It: Chapter Two1,580,000 Fb
04 Oct 2019UK7It: Chapter Two1,050,000 Fb
27 Sep 2019US4It: Chapter Two1,890,000 Fb
27 Sep 2019UK4It: Chapter Two1,890,000 Fb
20 Sep 2019US4It: Chapter Two1,890,000 Fb
20 Sep 2019UK3It: Chapter Two2,230,000 Fb
13 Sep 2019US1It: Chapter Two3,000,000 Fb
13 Sep 2019UK2It: Chapter Two2,600,000 Fb
06 Sep 2019UK1It: Chapter Two3,000,000 Fb
06 Sep 2019US1It: Chapter Two3,000,000 Fb
28 Jun 2019UK10Dark Phoenix480,000 Fb
21 Jun 2019UK6Dark Phoenix1,300,000 Fb
21 Jun 2019US10Dark Phoenix480,000 Fb
14 Jun 2019UK5Dark Phoenix1,580,000 Fb
14 Jun 2019US5Dark Phoenix1,580,000 Fb
07 Jun 2019UK2Dark Phoenix2,600,000 Fb
07 Jun 2019US2Dark Phoenix2,600,000 Fb
15 Feb 2019UK9Glass640,000 Fb
15 Feb 2019US8Glass830,000 Fb
08 Feb 2019UK5Glass1,580,000 Fb
08 Feb 2019US5Glass1,580,000 Fb
01 Feb 2019US1Glass3,000,000 Fb
01 Feb 2019UK3Glass2,230,000 Fb
25 Jan 2019UK1Glass3,000,000 Fb
25 Jan 2019US1Glass3,000,000 Fb
18 Jan 2019US1Glass3,000,000 Fb
18 Jan 2019UK1Glass3,000,000 Fb
27 Jul 2018UK9Sherlock Gnomes64,000 Fb
22 Jun 2018UK6Sherlock Gnomes130,000 Fb
15 Jun 2018UK8Sherlock Gnomes83,000 Fb
08 Jun 2018UK6Sherlock Gnomes130,000 Fb
01 Jun 2018UK4Sherlock Gnomes189,000 Fb
25 May 2018UK4Sherlock Gnomes189,000 Fb
18 May 2018UK3Sherlock Gnomes223,000 Fb
11 May 2018UK2Sherlock Gnomes260,000 Fb
06 Apr 2018US8Sherlock Gnomes83,000 Fb
30 Mar 2018US6Sherlock Gnomes130,000 Fb
23 Mar 2018US4Sherlock Gnomes189,000 Fb
18 Aug 2017UK8Atomic Blonde830,000 Fb
11 Aug 2017US10Atomic Blonde480,000 Fb
11 Aug 2017UK3Atomic Blonde2,230,000 Fb
04 Aug 2017US7Atomic Blonde1,050,000 Fb
28 Jul 2017US4Atomic Blonde1,890,000 Fb
24 Feb 2017US9Split640,000 Fb
17 Feb 2017US7Split1,050,000 Fb
10 Feb 2017US4Split1,890,000 Fb
10 Feb 2017UK7Split1,050,000 Fb
03 Feb 2017US1Split3,000,000 Fb
03 Feb 2017UK4Split1,890,000 Fb
27 Jan 2017US1Split3,000,000 Fb
27 Jan 2017UK4Split1,890,000 Fb
20 Jan 2017UK2Split2,600,000 Fb
20 Jan 2017US1Split3,000,000 Fb
24 Jun 2016US8X-Men: Apocalypse830,000 Fb
24 Jun 2016UK8X-Men: Apocalypse830,000 Fb
17 Jun 2016UK7X-Men: Apocalypse1,050,000 Fb
17 Jun 2016US6X-Men: Apocalypse1,300,000 Fb
10 Jun 2016US5X-Men: Apocalypse1,580,000 Fb
10 Jun 2016UK5X-Men: Apocalypse1,580,000 Fb
03 Jun 2016UK5X-Men: Apocalypse1,580,000 Fb
03 Jun 2016US2X-Men: Apocalypse2,600,000 Fb
27 May 2016US1X-Men: Apocalypse3,000,000 Fb
27 May 2016UK1X-Men: Apocalypse3,000,000 Fb
20 May 2016UK1X-Men: Apocalypse3,000,000 Fb
11 Dec 2015UK10Victor Frankenstein480,000 Fb
04 Dec 2015UK8Victor Frankenstein830,000 Fb
04 Jul 2014UK9X-Men: Days of Future Past640,000 Fb
27 Jun 2014US9X-Men: Days of Future Past640,000 Fb
27 Jun 2014UK8X-Men: Days of Future Past830,000 Fb
20 Jun 2014US8X-Men: Days of Future Past830,000 Fb
20 Jun 2014UK4X-Men: Days of Future Past1,890,000 Fb
13 Jun 2014US6X-Men: Days of Future Past1,300,000 Fb
13 Jun 2014UK3X-Men: Days of Future Past2,230,000 Fb
06 Jun 2014US4X-Men: Days of Future Past1,890,000 Fb
06 Jun 2014UK3X-Men: Days of Future Past2,230,000 Fb
30 May 2014US2X-Men: Days of Future Past2,600,000 Fb
30 May 2014UK2X-Men: Days of Future Past2,600,000 Fb
23 May 2014US1X-Men: Days of Future Past3,000,000 Fb
23 May 2014UK1X-Men: Days of Future Past3,000,000 Fb