Isla Fisher 2,000,000 FbPick

Most recent films

The PresentStraysBlithe SpiritGreed

Past earnings

01 Sep 2023US9Strays160,000 Fb
25 Aug 2023US6Strays325,000 Fb
18 Aug 2023UK5Strays395,000 Fb
18 Aug 2023US5Strays395,000 Fb
29 Mar 2019US10The Beach Bum480,000 Fb
16 Dec 2016US10Nocturnal Animals240,000 Fb
16 Dec 2016UK10Nocturnal Animals240,000 Fb
09 Dec 2016US8Nocturnal Animals415,000 Fb
18 Nov 2016UK7Nocturnal Animals525,000 Fb
11 Nov 2016UK6Nocturnal Animals650,000 Fb
04 Nov 2016UK6Nocturnal Animals650,000 Fb
28 Oct 2016US8Keeping Up with the Joneses830,000 Fb
21 Oct 2016UK10Keeping Up with the Joneses480,000 Fb
21 Oct 2016US7Keeping Up with the Joneses1,050,000 Fb
18 Mar 2016UK9Grimsby320,000 Fb
18 Mar 2016US9Grimsby320,000 Fb
11 Mar 2016UK6Grimsby650,000 Fb
11 Mar 2016US8Grimsby415,000 Fb
04 Mar 2016UK4Grimsby945,000 Fb
26 Feb 2016UK2Grimsby1,300,000 Fb