Gemma Arterton 6,000,000 FbPick

Most recent films

The Amazing MauriceRogue AgentWaldenSummerland

Past earnings

30 Dec 2022UK7The Amazing Maurice262,500 Fb
11 Feb 2022US10The King's Man480,000 Fb
04 Feb 2022US6The King's Man1,300,000 Fb
28 Jan 2022US5The King's Man1,580,000 Fb
28 Jan 2022UK7The King's Man1,050,000 Fb
21 Jan 2022US5The King's Man1,580,000 Fb
21 Jan 2022UK6The King's Man1,300,000 Fb
14 Jan 2022US5The King's Man1,580,000 Fb
14 Jan 2022UK3The King's Man2,230,000 Fb
07 Jan 2022UK2The King's Man2,600,000 Fb
07 Jan 2022US4The King's Man1,890,000 Fb
31 Dec 2021US3The King's Man2,230,000 Fb
31 Dec 2021UK2The King's Man2,600,000 Fb
24 Dec 2021US4The King's Man1,890,000 Fb
24 Dec 2021UK3The King's Man2,230,000 Fb
17 Dec 2021US9The King's Man640,000 Fb
31 Jul 2020US7Summerland1,050,000 Fb
12 May 2017UK9Their Finest640,000 Fb
05 May 2017UK8Their Finest830,000 Fb
28 Apr 2017UK5Their Finest1,580,000 Fb
21 Apr 2017UK4Their Finest1,890,000 Fb
23 Sep 2016UK5The Girl with All the Gifts1,580,000 Fb