Carey Mulligan 7,000,000 FbPick

Most recent films

SaltburnShe SaidA Christmas CarolPromising Young Woman

Past earnings

15 Dec 2023UK6Saltburn325,000 Fb
08 Dec 2023UK4Saltburn472,500 Fb
01 Dec 2023UK7Saltburn262,500 Fb
24 Nov 2023US8Saltburn207,500 Fb
24 Nov 2023UK4Saltburn472,500 Fb
17 Nov 2023UK4Saltburn472,500 Fb
02 Dec 2022UK6She Said1,300,000 Fb
25 Nov 2022UK4She Said1,890,000 Fb
18 Nov 2022US8She Said830,000 Fb
12 Feb 2021US9Promising Young Woman640,000 Fb
05 Feb 2021US7Promising Young Woman1,050,000 Fb
29 Jan 2021US7Promising Young Woman1,050,000 Fb
22 Jan 2021US7Promising Young Woman1,050,000 Fb
15 Jan 2021US7Promising Young Woman1,050,000 Fb
08 Jan 2021US6Promising Young Woman1,300,000 Fb
01 Jan 2021US6Promising Young Woman1,300,000 Fb
25 Dec 2020US5Promising Young Woman1,580,000 Fb
13 Nov 2015UK9Suffragette640,000 Fb
06 Nov 2015UK7Suffragette1,050,000 Fb
30 Oct 2015UK5Suffragette1,580,000 Fb
23 Oct 2015UK4Suffragette1,890,000 Fb
16 Oct 2015UK2Suffragette2,600,000 Fb
29 May 2015US8Far from the Madding Crowd830,000 Fb
22 May 2015UK7Far from the Madding Crowd1,050,000 Fb
22 May 2015US7Far from the Madding Crowd1,050,000 Fb
15 May 2015UK5Far from the Madding Crowd1,580,000 Fb
15 May 2015US10Far from the Madding Crowd480,000 Fb
08 May 2015UK3Far from the Madding Crowd2,230,000 Fb
01 May 2015UK2Far from the Madding Crowd2,600,000 Fb
31 Jan 2014UK9Inside Llewyn Davis320,000 Fb
24 Jan 2014UK6Inside Llewyn Davis650,000 Fb