Annette Bening 1,000,000 FbPick

Most recent films

PoolmanGeorgetownDeath on the NileHope Gap

Past earnings

18 Mar 2022US7Death on the Nile525,000 Fb
11 Mar 2022US6Death on the Nile650,000 Fb
11 Mar 2022UK7Death on the Nile525,000 Fb
04 Mar 2022UK5Death on the Nile790,000 Fb
04 Mar 2022US5Death on the Nile790,000 Fb
25 Feb 2022US4Death on the Nile945,000 Fb
25 Feb 2022UK4Death on the Nile945,000 Fb
18 Feb 2022UK3Death on the Nile1,115,000 Fb
18 Feb 2022US4Death on the Nile945,000 Fb
11 Feb 2022US1Death on the Nile1,500,000 Fb
11 Feb 2022UK3Death on the Nile1,115,000 Fb
28 Aug 2020UK8Hope Gap830,000 Fb
03 May 2019UK8Captain Marvel415,000 Fb
03 May 2019US5Captain Marvel790,000 Fb
26 Apr 2019US2Captain Marvel1,300,000 Fb
26 Apr 2019UK6Captain Marvel650,000 Fb
19 Apr 2019UK3Captain Marvel1,115,000 Fb
19 Apr 2019US4Captain Marvel945,000 Fb
12 Apr 2019US6Captain Marvel650,000 Fb
12 Apr 2019UK5Captain Marvel790,000 Fb
05 Apr 2019UK4Captain Marvel945,000 Fb
05 Apr 2019US5Captain Marvel790,000 Fb
29 Mar 2019US3Captain Marvel1,115,000 Fb
29 Mar 2019UK2Captain Marvel1,300,000 Fb
22 Mar 2019UK1Captain Marvel1,500,000 Fb
22 Mar 2019US2Captain Marvel1,300,000 Fb
15 Mar 2019US1Captain Marvel1,500,000 Fb
15 Mar 2019UK1Captain Marvel1,500,000 Fb
08 Mar 2019US1Captain Marvel1,500,000 Fb
08 Mar 2019UK1Captain Marvel1,500,000 Fb
17 Nov 2017UK6Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool1,300,000 Fb
29 May 2015UK10Danny Collins240,000 Fb
10 Apr 2015US9Danny Collins320,000 Fb